Just as with virtually any legal situation, litigation related to real estate transactions or disagreements can be based on a variety of factors. Because any real estate litigation situation in Michigan can become complex, legal support may be necessary to ensure fairness and a timely resolution. Support and guidance becomes particularly important if the situation cannot be resolved through negotiation, and litigation is the only solution for all involved, especially given the value of what may be at stake.

One common area of dispute may relate to title and zoning issues. There may be claims made to a property, and a title dispute can hold up a time-sensitive real estate deal. Local zoning ordinances can be complicated, and deviating from those ordinances can be costly and also hold up progress.

Another source of dispute that can lead to litigation may relate to boundaries in general. Conflicts over property boundaries and easements can truly affect a transaction as well as any plans to improve or expand both residential and commercial real estate. New construction can easily lead to litigation as contracts may be breached and bottom lines affected.

No two real estate litigation situations may be the same; therefore, it can be impossible to predict exact resolutions or time lines for resolutions. For those involved in commercial and residential real estate transactions in Michigan, any form of litigation can be frustrating and overwhelming. With comprehensive legal guidance, a real estate litigation situation can be resolved in the most fair and timely manner possible. Our firm’s website has more information about the varying sources of dispute that may lead to litigation.  

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