The success of any kind of real estate deal can hinge on minimizing conflict and successfully navigating any litigation scenarios that may occur. Legal support is needed to ensure all parties are protected and also to deal with issues as they arise. Those issues may be considered common, or they may entail unique situations that require deeper insight and more time to prepare for real estate litigation in a Michigan court.

One common issue that requires the assistance of a real estate attorney is a title dispute. If there are opposing claims to a piece of property, litigation may be needed to resolve the issue. Local zoning issues can also be a common sticking point to any real estate deal. The case may have to be litigated before you can overcome a zoning disagreement and move forward with plans for a specific property.

The list of unusual or uncommon real estate issues that may warrant litigation can be endless and quite unique to specific properties. Boundary disputes may get contentious, particularly when property is sold. Adverse possession is not all that common but having one party make a legal claim to a property because of extended time spent on the property can lead to serious issues when a real estate transaction is planned. Breach of contract involving construction companies and defects can easily warrant outside legal support.

Real estate litigation matters can grow contentious and hold up progress or lucrative transactions that need to be handled in a timely manner. Legal representation can negotiate and litigate any foreseen and unforeseen real estate litigation issues so as to provide timely and fair resolutions that will not impede progress. Our website has more information about real estate litigation situations in Michigan and the benefit of knowledgeable legal support.

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