Even when there is a legal will in place and a family member has taken adequate estate planning steps, the family left behind may not fully agree with that will or have specific reasons to dispute the estate plan. When a Michigan family believes there is reason to dispute the distribution of assets, that family may pursue a will challenge. While each family is unique, there are a few common reasons families may choose to contest a will, and a few specific areas of a will may be subject to a will challenge.

The exact wording of a will may be the source of a will challenge and lead to family disputes. If a will was drafted and not amended or revisited after major life changes, such as the birth or adoption of more children, those who were excluded may challenge the will. If family members who disagree with the will believe someone had undue influence over the person leaving behind assets, those family members may also have cause to pursue a will challenge.

The assets up for dispute can be complex, and someone may have a very specific reason to pursue a dispute of certain portions of a will. This may include having a dispute over what will become of someone’s house and personal property. Financial assets or investments may also be up for dispute.

A will challenge  can be stressful and overwhelming considering the grieving process most families go through after a loss. Having experienced and sound legal representation to guide you through the difficult time of pursuing a will challenge can help ensure a fair outcome. Our website has more information about why wills are contested and what steps may occur when a family decides to pursue a will challenge in Michigan.

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