When the death of a loved one has occurred, a complex legal process may be just beginning. During this emotional transition, families should know the benefits of legal support so as to be prepared for any probate litigation situation or any other legal services that may be needed. Michigan families can ensure timely and fair handling of an estate and also support when individual issues necessitate specific services.

While some may think probate concerns or needs arise only when there is a dispute, the essence of beginning the probate process occurs regardless of any contention or lack thereof. First and foremost, probate services involve identifying the heirs involved and inventorying the assets involved. This can mean many records and documents need to be gathered.

Once everything and everyone is accounted for, the probate process handles the individual aspects of the estate, and this may lead to litigation in some cases. This part of the process can include finalizing taxes owed and paying creditors. The fate of life insurance policies and trusts can also be included. Any dispute involving polices or trusts in general can ultimately lead to probate litigation that requires specialized legal support.

The time and effort that it may take to settle an estate can be greatly affected by the expectations and behaviors of beneficiaries. If the probate process leads to a probate litigation situation, legal support can ensure everyone’s rights are protected throughout the process and assets and funds are handled according to the law. Our firm has more information pertaining to the probate process and probate litigation in Michigan on our website.

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