A real estate transaction or management arrangement can lead to a dispute among the parties involved for any number of reasons. While leases and purchase agreements are typically pretty clear about management details and property matters in Michigan, any discord can result in a dispute that requires legal support or guidance. Landlord/tenant matters, including vacation property disputes, can turn into time-consuming and costly endeavors without experienced and focused legal guidance.

One area that requires legal support is the overall management of an investment property, such as a vacation property. Agreements need to be drawn up that protect and guard against any potential landlord/tenant dispute. For example, the issue of who is responsible for specific areas of maintenance of the property must be clear. Assigning responsibility for repairs is an important aspect of vacation property management that has to be addressed.

Landlord/tenant matters involve more than the care and maintenance of a property. There must be clear action and consequences outlined in a lease agreement pertaining to any kind of violation. There are very clear regulations and laws surrounding payment and billing for rent, repairs, damages and any other financial agreement between a landlord and tenant. A specific process should be detailed, including a provision for appropriate legal consequences if that process is ignored by either party.

Landlord/tenant disputes can be complicated, and any issue that does occur may crop up without much warning. With a clear plan in place before conflict or discord unfolds, both parties can feel secure in an understanding of their rights and the expectations placed upon them. However, if litigation is the only means of resolution, legal representation can protect the rights of the parties involved and ensure full support throughout the litigation process. Our law firm has more information on our website, specifically pertaining to landlord/tenant matters in Michigan.

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