Any real estate transaction can get instantly complicated, especially when new construction is involved. When new construction is under contract, residential real estate deals may hit snags that require legal support or intervention. Those in Michigan who are embarking on any kind of new construction project can be better prepared for the process and possible complications by being aware of what can go wrong and what to do about it before issues derail the project altogether.

Any new construction project requires a great attention to details, both regarding the actual construction and the regulations pertaining to the project. If any part of the project conflicts with municipal codes, the project may have to be paused or completely halted. Legal support can ensure code compliance and defense against claims of code violations.

Other issues that can arise during a new construction project can be the timeline for the project. Cost overruns and not meeting specific deadlines can affect the bottom line of everyone involved. Another problem can related to the design or defects that affect the finished structure.

While many new construction issues that affect residential real estate deals can be handled before any damage is done, others may only be resolved through mediation or litigation in a Michigan court. When there is so much on the line, the attorneys at Galloway and Collins, PLLC, can ensure a fair and timely resolution that can help protect the timeline and integrity of the project. Our website has more information about residential real estate help and what legal support can accomplish for all involved.

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