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Protect Your Assets From Estate Recovery Actions

When a person enters a nursing home or receives long-term care through the Medicaid program, the Michigan state government may seek to recover assets from the patient’s estate as reimbursement for the cost of care. Although Medicaid is a federal health care program, the U.S. government has mandated that the states administer their own programs to recover these expenses. Fortunately, Michigan has been slower to act than most states and, in fact, has not yet implemented an estate recovery program, while it considers options to protect individual families from burdensome costs and debt.

Protect Your Family From The Medicaid Estate Recovery Program

At Galloway and Collens, PLLC, we want you to understand how elder law, Medicaid planning and estate recovery can affect your family’s financial estate. Contact our offices in Huntington Woods, Michigan, to arrange a consultation with estate planning and elder law attorney Howard H. Collens. For more than 15 years, seniors and adult children of elderly parents and grandparents have turned to our law firm for help with all of their long-term planning needs.

Plan Now And Avoid Unnecessary Estate Depletion

Under orders from the federal government, the Michigan Legislature has passed an estate recovery program that is still under review by the federal government. It is difficult to determine whether the state’s version of estate recovery will meet the federal requirements. Currently, the Michigan program recovers only costs against certain types of assets. Congress may demand that it expand the program.

Our firm understands your concerns and worry about paying the high costs of nursing home, assisted living and long-term care. We invite you to sit down with Howard H. Collens and discuss your legal options for protecting your financial success with long-term care planning.

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