A financial or medical power of attorney is an essential estate planning tool. These documents allow you to make decisions regarding the financial matters or health care decisions for the person assigning you that right. People often make the mistake of thinking that giving someone the power of attorney means that you are signing over guardianship or conservatorship of your life and estate. In fact, powers of attorney can be drafted along very narrow lines, but can also be as broad as you wish them to be.

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Macomb County End-Of-Life Planning Lawyers

Families face a stressful burden when they must make medical or financial decisions for a relative who cannot communicate their wishes because of an illness or injury. You can remove the burden from your family by preparing designations of patient advocate (which are advance directives), specifying your wishes for medical care and designating a patient advocate to carry out your end-of-life decisions.

Disputed Powers Of Attorney

When an elderly parent or grandparent grants a financial power of attorney or patient-advocate designation to a specific family member, it may lead to misunderstandings and disputes among family members. Our firm has extensive experience helping families resolve probate and estate disputes. We look for commonsense solutions that help diffuse the emotional issues that arise among family members who are often in the middle of end-of-life issues with elderly loved ones.

Stand-Alone HIPAA Releases

In addition to durable powers of attorney for medical decisions, we also draft HIPAA releases that give family members power to release an incapacitated loved one’s medical information to family members and friends.

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