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Commercial Property Lease Violations and Evictions

If you own or manage a commercial property, your tenants are the lifeblood of your success but can also be your biggest headache. Having the right Royal Oak lawyer advise and represent you in legal matters relating to property management and landlord-tenant issues can mean the difference between a sound investment and costly litigation.

The commercial real estate law firm of Galloway and Collens, PLLC, has been providing experienced legal advice and representation on behalf of commercial property owners and managers in the Metropolitan Detroit region for years.

Call our offices in Huntington Woods, Michigan, at 248-545-2500 to discuss your commercial property legal needs.

Attorneys Helping You Protect Your Interests

We offer a complete range of services for investors, property managers and mortgage brokers, including:

  • Commercial lease agreements, drafted and reviewed
  • Disputes with tenants
  • Broken leases, property repairs and clean up
  • Risk management, mitigate liability
  • Employment issues
  • Maintenance requirements and liabilities
  • Construction disputes
  • Evictions and collections

Oakland County Commercial Property Disputes Lawyers

Every commercial property dispute does not have to end in costly litigation for the property owner or manager. We use our experience to help you understand the heart of the legal matter and come to terms in the right negotiated settlement that is the best outcome for you. Whether you are involved in a payment dispute, or recovering clean up and repair costs after an abandoned lease, let us use our experience to help you succeed.

Contact us to learn more about ways we can help you resolve your legal problems or maximize your opportunities in the world of commercial real estate and property management.