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Guardianship Attorneys Serving Michigan

If you have a family member who is a minor or is unable to make decisions about financial or medical matters, you can protect your loved one. A guardianship or conservatorship can put you in control of your family member’s affairs.

Serving Royal Oak, Southfield, Detroit and many neighboring areas, the probate law firm of Galloway and Collens, PLLC, provides representation for individuals seeking any of the following types of legal control over another person or assets:

  • Guardianship — Court appointment to exercise full or partial control of decisions regarding an incapacitated adult or minor child
  • Conservatorship — Court appointment to exercise full or partial control of decisions regarding a minor child’s or an adult’s financial estate
  • Financial power of attorney — Control over specific types of financial decisions, as designated by the estate holder
  • Medical power of attorney — In Michigan, referred to as a patient advocate designation; the document grants limited or full control over the patient’s decisions regarding health care and end-of-life issues

After a conservatorship or guardianship has been established through the court, our attorneys help you with the proper setup of fiduciary accounts, annual reports and accountings.

Macomb County Contested Guardianship Attorneys

Few legal issues in probate law give rise to more disputes and litigation among extended family members than conservatorships and guardianships. Our Royal Oak lawyers are experienced litigation attorneys who understand the issues involved and help parties get to the heart of the matter. We always look for commonsense solutions to diffuse hostilities and resolve issues while hopefully avoiding the need for a costly trial.

If someone has petitioned the court seeking to have a guardian or conservator appointed over you and you do not believe such appointment is necessary, we can work with you to defend your rights and preserve your independence.

A Special Note To Investment Professionals

If you are working with a client who has issues and concerns over investments for a minor-age child or an adult who lacks the capacity to make decisions about assets and finances, contact us to discuss our uncontested conservator and guardianship services. We handle these types of issues for many estates and individuals throughout southeastern Michigan.

From our offices in Huntington Woods, we provide services for individuals, families and investment professionals throughout the Detroit metro region.