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Purchasing Investment Properties In Detroit

Falling property values and reduced housing prices present a unique opportunity for individuals and businesses seeking to invest in homes or land in Detroit or the Greater Detroit area.

At the law office of Galloway and Collens, PLLC, our attorneys assist investors in Michigan, as well as investors from other states and countries, with the purchase and transfer of Michigan real property. Whether you are interested in purchasing a commercial property, rental property or a number of single-family homes, we can help you do so efficiently and cost-effectively.

Contact our Detroit law office by calling 248-545-2500 to learn more about this unique service to real estate investors.

Your Local Legal Resource

Working with a Detroit-area real estate attorney can improve your bottom line by ensuring that your real estate transaction is completed properly and that any problems with title, tenants, or local laws and regulations are resolved prior to closing. Our real estate lawyers can help with these and other investment property matters:

  • We prepare Michigan-specific real estate documents for purchase and sale or leasing of property.
  • If you have purchased your investment property from the county at a tax sale or as a foreclosed property, we can help clear the title.
  • We can help you identify outstanding violations and obtain an affidavit of compliance (in Detroit, if a property has not been brought up to code before sale, the purchaser must obtain an affidavit of compliance responsibility (ACR)).
  • We deal with the Building Safety and Engineering Department for the city of Detroit, and other municipal building departments.
  • We represent you, should civil infractions or misdemeanors be brought against you for noncompliance with building ordinances relating to the failure to maintain property or nuisance properties.
  • We can assist with property management issues such as collections and tenant or previous owner evictions.

Contact Our Home And Land Investment Lawyers

At Galloway and Collens, PLLC, our goal is to help you minimize your financial risks while making your property an income-producing asset.

When you need a creative local attorney in the Detroit metro area to resolve thorny property issues, contact the Detroit law office of Galloway and Collens, PLLC.